There are 4 issues that can occur when resetting a PIN for a User that would require IT assistance.   If it is not one the following reasons the User is not entering the information correctly or their password does not meet the requirements.

Issue #1

Hover your mouse over the Where Used; if you see “EMP”, then student account might have been created in the Employee OU folder in Active Directory.

Issue #2

WebStu is missing, and you’ve verified that the student has an active application for this year in ASUM, and that the applicant status is NOT “IF” (Incomplete File).



Issue #3

                WebStu is present, account looks fine, but you get this error. This is rare but can happen; it means that the Active Directory system has no account for this student.

Issue #4

“PIN too long”. If the student has had several breaks in enrollment, their internal reference ID (has nothing to do with their activation pin and is only visible to SQL Server) may be too long, requiring a reset by SQL command.