*Please do not attempt to activate your account from a cellular device. Experience has taught us that most cellular devices, regardless of operating system, do not complete the activation steps successfully*

To activate your student account you must first locate the communication sent to you by the NWCCD Admissions office with your PIN: You will not be able to activate your account without your PIN.

While activating your account you will be asked to provide a password for your Sheridan.edu account.  Please pay attention to the following requirements:

  • Your password must be at least 12 characters long and it is case sensitive. 
  • Your password must contain 3 out of 4 of the following requirements: 
    • One UPPER CASE letter
    • one lower case letter
    • one number
    • one special character ($,%,#,etc).
  • Your password cannot match the previous two passwords that you have used, and cannot contain your first name, last name or username. 
  • Please note, passwords are required to be changed every 180 days. 

Once you're ready to activate your account please go to the Account Activation page.