The Ellucian customer center is mainly there for technical information and troubleshooting.  To gain access to the customer center at Ellucian the following needs to first take place:

  • Users must have a solid understanding of the foundation that the Colleague system is running on and how each piece of the system interacts and works in conjunction with the others. This can only be achieved through Ellucian training that each department head must encourage and routinely schedule for employees. Training opportunities may be found at

  • Users must understand and know various system settings and version numbers of the various system software that are running for Colleague. This changes frequently with patches, etc.

  • Users must follow a standard line of troubleshooting steps and items they go through before ITS places a call to the solution center:

  • Make sure to check with co-workers in your area for advice and/or solutions to problems that they may have experienced in the past that are similar or the same to what you’re currently experiencing (this may be obvious, but you’d be amazed how many times the person sitting next to them had the answer).

  • Check the Ellucian customer center that is freely available at Ellucian’s site,, is the main customer portal for Ellucian. Documentation, Web Demos, community forums, etc are located here.

  • Contact your colleagues around the state who work in a similar position as you. This may take some networking but most folks know their counterpart at another institution and those folks are usually willing to offer advice (and we should also offer advice to others in the state when they call on us).

  • Search the Ellucian Documentation located at ( This is usually where the most valuable information can be found. It can take several minutes of searching, at times, but if a solution is found here it usually resolves the problem. Many resolutions to process issues or best practices can be found here.

  • Search the Ellucian Community forums: These forums are very useful and you can even post questions and get responses to problems you’re encountering. The Ellucian user community is very large and there is most likely someone out there that has experienced the same problem. Product managers and VPs at Ellucian also post in the community on updates, features, releases, roadmaps, etc for all products

These expectations are not meant as a step-by-step approach to resolving issues with the Ellucian suite of products, however, these are meant as a guide for what Ellucian expects to occur before an NWCCD employee reaches out to the ITS department to open a support case with Ellucian.