If you are having problems activating your NWCCD account, here are the most common causes:

  • The username and PIN do not match what is listed in the email from Admissions
    • You entered a space in your username - no spaces!
    • Enter the PIN just as it appears - it is case sensitive!
  • Are the password credentials in the popup box turning green? Below is what you want to see! 
    • We have found that writing password out on paper is helpful in meeting the requirements
  • You are selecting a password that contains your first name, last name or username - Passwords cannot contain your first name, last name or username
  • Trying to activate from a mobile device and it won't work - We recommend using a computer or laptop to activate your account 
  • You have already activated your account but you don't remember your password  - Account activations are only done once, follow the guide for Forgotten password resets to reset your password

  • If you've checked all the above but you are still unable to activate your NWCCD account, please call the Admission office at (307) 675-0500.