Syncing Outlook Calendar with Zoom

You have the ability to sync your outlook calendar with Zoom, so that you can view your appointments within the Zoom application. 

NOTE: you will only see meetings scheduled for the current day. If no other meetings are on your calendar you will get the message that there are ‘No upcoming meetings today’. 

  1. Open up your internet browser and go to and then sign in with your college credentials:
  2. Select Profile from the menu on the left:
  3. Find the section labeled ‘Calendar and Contact Integration’ and click on ‘Connect to Calendar and Contact Service’:
  4. Select Office 365:
  5. Make sure you check the boxes to Allow Zoom to get calendar events and sync contacts and then press ‘Next’:
  6. Do not make any changes in this next window as the information is auto populated. Simply click ‘Authorize’:
  7. You will then be redirected to Microsoft’s sign-in page, type in your e-mail ( and you will then be redirected once more to the sheridan college sign-in page:
  8. After you have signed in, select ‘Stay Signed In’:
  9. You should now see, in your Zoom Profile, that your calendar and contact authorization has been completed:
  10. NOTE: the sync does seem to expire after an unspecified amount of time, so you may have to go back into the NWCCD Zoom Page and simply click ‘Reauthorize’:
  11. Go back to the Zoom application and you should now see any calendar appointments show up here and if you click upcoming meetings you will see more about upcoming meetings: