**Keep in mind, you might not have the access to create SmartLists**

With Smart Lists, you can manage a list of field options in one central location. If you update the Smart List, the changes are reflected across your account, no more list duplication and manual updates within each form required. 

Setting up your Smart list for the first time

To get started, navigate to your profile page and select Smart List and then Create Smart List



From the Create smart list page, you'll see a couple of options to consider after you've named your Smart List: 

  • Use Separate values: Users can display a label with a different value associated with it.
  • Use Images: Images can be uploaded and used with radio buttons and checkboxes only.



Once you've determined the options you'd like to add to your Smart List, you can choose to Bulk Upload a list by clicking the Bulk Upload option below or you can continue scrolling down to manually input your list options.


If you've chosen the Bulk Upload option, you can drag and drop a CSV file (Maximum 128 KB file size for upload) and choose if you'd like to skip the first row. Skipping the first row of data allows you to pick whether or not the headers on the CSV will be used as a row of information. Once you're finished with configuring your settings, you can click on Done to upload the results(Please note that the bulk upload option will replace anything that was previously added to the table, we would recommend exporting your current data if you don’t wish to lose it). 




On the bottom section, you can manually input data by filling out the table. In this section, you can upload images(If the option was checked) and data can be added, cleared, deleted, reordered, and exported as needed. 




If you have Users that you'd like to grant or revoke access to, you can control these options by clicking on the "User Access" tab right below the name of the Smart List. From this section, you can add users to the Smart List on the left and sort by Name, Newest, Oldest on the right. Account admins have access to edit all Smart Lists, while non-admins can be given the permission to edit a Smart List. All users can view all Lists. 




After a smart list has been used in a form, you'll be able to see a new tab called "Linked Forms" that you or Users with the right permissions will be able to use to easily unlink the forms on the same page. Unlinking the forms means that the Smart List will be copied so the field options aren't lost. 




Using Smart Lists on a form

Once you've created your smart List, you can add a compatible field(dropdowns, short answer, radio buttons, and checkboxes) and then add a smart list under the Field options by clicking "Create Custom List" or "Link to Smart List".

Creating a custom list will only copy the list. Users can still add, delete, and reorder options without affecting the original Smart List. 




"Link to Smart List" under field options will automatically update the field with any updates to the selected Smart List. Options are disabled and can’t be added to, deleted, or reordered. There’s a link to Open Smart List Editor in another window if users want to edit the Smart List itself.




If the Smart list has more than 10 options, only the first 10 options are displayed and this message is shown: “There are {number} other options not currently being displayed. To view all the options, visit the Advanced Options Editor.” From the Advanced Options Editor, you have the same functionalities (Create Custom List and Link to Smart List).