When logging into Self-Service, some users may encounter this error which doesn't allow them to log in:


Request Id: 09071a1c-d498-4457-bcfe-5b516e9cb200

Correlation Id: 2e2020b5-8a2a-4ac8-8c8a-1a367461eeba

Timestamp: 2021-06-04T00:18:22Z

Message: AADSTS75011: Authentication method 'X509, MultiFactor' by which the user authenticated with the service doesn't match requested authentication method 'Password, ProtectedTransport'. Contact the Ellucian Self-Service (Prod) application owner.


There are a couple of things to do to resolve this: 

  • Open your Microsoft Authenticator app > sheridan.edu account settings
    • Disable Phone sign-in
      • This should disable Passwordless sign-in
  • On the browser log out of your NWCCD account and clear all browser history and cache
  • Log back into your Hub account 
    • Manually type in your username and password - *if the system is remembering your credentials or login, you will likely have the same problem
  • If it has been over 180 days since your last password change, while using passwordless sign-on, these steps will only work if you also change your NWCCD password