Canvas courses are typically open to access on the first day of class for that course. If you see the course on your dashboard and you are unable to access the course, the instructor may not have it published yet. Check your schedule in Self Service to see when the start date of the course is. If the course has started but you can't access the course, please contact NWCCD ITS Support  Submit Ticket or call 307-675-0555. 

Canvas course enrollments are seen in the following places in Canvas:

  1. Current term courses are found on your Dashboard. 
  2. Future term course enrollments are found by clicking the All Courses icon in the blue column on the far left in Canvas (icon looks like a book, see image in red below).
  3. Past term course enrollments are also found in the All Courses list. You may or may not be able to open a course from a past term, depending on the instructor's settings for the course.